Dental Bonding

Worried that your teeth are too far gone for a healthy smile? That’s okay! At Anchorage Dental Solutions, it’s never too late for your teeth! If you live in Anchorage, dental bonding is a great way to fix your smile!

If you’re worried about the condition of your teeth, why not think about dental bonding? Dental bonding presents a solution for a huge range of problems, from fillings and chipped teeth, to closing spaces between teeth and other cosmetic corrections. If you’re thinking of tuning up your smile, think about dental bonding!

What is dental bonding?

At its simplest, dental bonding is the application of resin to teeth. The term comes from the fact that dentists are ‘bonding’ material to the enamel of your teeth.

The specifics are a lot more fun, though! If you choose dental bonding to restore the condition of your teeth, your dentist will sculpt the necessary patch out of high-grade polymer resin. Then, the dentist uses a combination of adhesive and a special curing light to fuse and bond the material to your damaged tooth, giving you a strong, durable surface that should last for years to come!

What are some applications?

Dental bonding is a great solution for both damage to the enamel of your teeth, as well as repairing damage caused by decay, cavities, cracked teeth and chipped teeth. Not only that, but dental bonding can be used as a method for correcting discoloration, protecting exposed roots, and even filling in gaps left between your teeth from years of wear! Is there anything dental bonding can’t do?

Because of scientific advancements in dental materials, dental bonding, or ‘resins’ are now the material of choice for restoring teeth. Dental bonding is an excellent choice for replacing old metal-mercury fillings, many of which have hidden decay under them, or cracks around the edges. By using the non-mercury/non-metal resins, Dr. Burke and Dr. Williams are not only strengthening your teeth, but also help your teeth look great!

Dental bonding has also been used to great effect for cosmetic dentistry. Natural colored enamel is an excellent way to correct for discoloration or damage, as well as recontouring or reshaping. If you’re worried about the shape of your smile, think about dental bonding!

What should I know about dental bonding?

Like all dental procedures, you should consult your dentist for more information about dental bonding. Though the procedure is relatively quick and durable, it’s important to maintain the quality of the material with regular check-ups.

If you have questions about Anchorage dental bonding, don’t wait– give Anchorage Dental Solutions a call! We’d love to hear from you to talk about everything dental bonding can offer your smile.


“Dr. Williams and his team have such a great chair-side manner and are very fast and efficient. I was amazed how they transformed my new beautiful smile in such a short time! I can’t stop smiling!”

~ Barbara H.

“I have been putting off my dentistry for many years - Dr. Williams took such good care of my wife, I decided the time was right for myself. Everyone there exudes a confidence and calmness that made me feel very comfortable.”

~ Randy B.

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