Dental Crowns

No matter how damaged your teeth may be, it’s always possible to turn your smile around! Dental crowns can help turn back the clock on your smile, rebuilding teeth that would otherwise be too damaged for other methods of recovery. In Anchorage, dental crowns are a great solution for our active lives!

But what are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a handmade, custom physical cap built over damaged teeth, or built to fit pre-existing prosthetics. Depending on the situation and purpose, dental crowns are made from either gold or tooth-like porcelain.

Since dental crowns are the strongest and longest lasting fix for damaged teeth and can last from ten to thirty years. Because of the details and accuracy involved, the process to make them is more time- consuming then dental bonding, usually taking two appointments. On the first appointment, the teeth are shaped and a highly accurate mold is taken. This mold is then sent to a dental ceramist, who hand makes custom crowns to fit your teeth. On the second appointment, these crowns are then bonded on to the tooth, and adjusted for proper fit. As a lot of the materials used in the construction of dental crowns need industrial conditions to set or fabricate, there is an increased turnaround time for production and installation. But, you know what they say– if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

And dental crowns are certainly worth doing. Whether they’re made of natural looking, tooth-like porcelain, or full-gold, a crown is an excellent and durable way to fix a damaged tooth! Here at Anchorage Dental Solutions, we stand behind our work– with years of experience, we know how to fabricate and install crowns that will last you for years to come.

Caring for dental crowns…

Once they’re made and properly bonded into place, you can use your dental crowns as you would your own teeth. All you need after your crown is installed is to maintan your regular dentist exam and care plan.

Crowns are a strong solution and should be a long-term restoration for the issue at hand. However, they’re still a part of your mouth. And, like, the rest of your mouth, they can suffer without proper dental hygiene. Without brushing or flossing, the tooth holding the crown may become weakened or loose or even decay. While it’s always possible to fix the damage, prevention is a much more efficient method of caring for your new crown!

If you notice your crown loosening, chipping, or becoming damaged, make sure to contact your dentist or dental health professional as soon as possible. Not only is the crown susceptible to damage if left unattended, but the tooth beneath it can also become sensitive or weakened. Make sure you care for your crown like you would your very own teeth!

Ask your dentist about dental crowns

Dental crowns are a great solution to teeth that are too damaged for other corrective procedures. If your teeth are damaged, either from physical trauma or tooth-decay, then make sure to contact your Anchorage dental crown professionals. Anchorage Dental Solutions offers a range of dental crowns to suit your circumstances. Contact us today!


“Dr. Williams and his team have such a great chair-side manner and are very fast and efficient. I was amazed how they transformed my new beautiful smile in such a short time! I can’t stop smiling!”

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“I have been putting off my dentistry for many years - Dr. Williams took such good care of my wife, I decided the time was right for myself. Everyone there exudes a confidence and calmness that made me feel very comfortable.”

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