Anchorage General Dentistry

You know what they say: an ounce of prevention saves a pound of pain! Or, in this case, expensive dental work. If you live in Anchorage, general dentistry from Anchorage Dental Solutions can keep you from spending your time in a dentist’s chair.

What kind of dentistry do you need?

We use our teeth 24 hours per day, not just for eating, but also for smiling, facial appearance and talking. With this constant use, everybody needs some dental work now and again. We know– it’s not anybody’s favorite pass-time. But without professional general and prosthetic dentistry, our teeth and gums can succumb to all sorts of things that regular check-ups and cleaning would have caught.

General dentistry is essential for your health and well-being. With more news every day about health conditions connected to gingivitis, gum disease, and tooth decay, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of your dental health. Luckily, Dr. Williams and Dr. Burke of Anchorage Dental Solutions utilize the best dental health procedures and techniques to get your general dentistry bases covered. Keep those expensive specialist procedures to a minimum with our Anchorage general dentistry!

How often should you schedule an appointment?

Scheduling a dentist appointment seems like a chore. Most experts agree that you shouldn’t have to schedule too many appointments– only two to three per year, on average! Of course, that all depends on circumstances. If you are someone who needs a closer eye on the condition of your teeth, it may be necessary to schedule more frequently to cover your bases.

What does general dentistry cover?

General dentistry is the catch-all term for the work that we do to keep your teeth clean and healthy. For the most part, it involves routine teeth cleaning, and periodontal care for your gums, as well as examination and diagnosis of potential trouble areas for both your gums, teeth and jaw function (TMJ).

To that end, it’s not uncommon to have x-rays, alongside tooth-cleaning. The aim of general dentistry is prevention, meaning the more regularly you schedule appointments, the better general dentistry works!

Schedule your appointment

When you schedule an appointment with Anchorage Dental Solutions, you can expect the best in modern general dentistry. Our staff members are some of the most skilled and talented dental health professionals in Anchorage, with decades of experience and the most cutting-edge techniques Anchorage general dentistry has to offer.

If you’re looking to continue caring for your teeth–or if you’re looking for a fresh start–then make sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


“Dr. Williams and his team have such a great chair-side manner and are very fast and efficient. I was amazed how they transformed my new beautiful smile in such a short time! I can’t stop smiling!”

~ Barbara H.

“I have been putting off my dentistry for many years - Dr. Williams took such good care of my wife, I decided the time was right for myself. Everyone there exudes a confidence and calmness that made me feel very comfortable.”

~ Randy B.

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